Pamac : add an optional "package manager" classic GUI for GTK version

The most recent versions of pamac resembles more a software center than a graphical package manager, like synaptic and octopi.

Some people may could found it easier to use, but I found it less intuitive and less minimal.
Currently, I’m using pamac-classic, via AUR, and this save my day (@cromer , thank you so much for maintaining it)

I really miss the old interface, and I’d like to have this interface as an alternative for the GTK version of pamac (for qt DEs there is octopi), so I can use pamac with also all the new stuff.


It is a setting.
How you got the new one by default I am not sure.

I’m using a fork of the old version of pamac, called pamac-classic

If there is a setting fo doing that with the most recent versions of pamac, please tell me about

Its in the same place …
mentioned in Pamac 10 is now released


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The best way to reach @guinux is by opening an issue here:

I tried it on my 2nd machine.

It still a very less intuitive experience, with big fancy icons and a worst package search.

Also, the dependencies and the details are shown better and more intuitively in the old version:

I found pamac-classic (and so, the old version of pamac) the best package manager available for Arch based systems , intended as a functional and intuitive package manager, with no fancies and focused on usability.