Pamac 10 issues and AUR


since the “upgrade” to version 10, pamac doesn’t support AUR properly anymore. I’ve been hoping for a fix for months now, but nothing happened. Can I do something to fix it or do I have to keep on waiting?

The issues:

  • there is no diff anymore for the build files

edit: both following issues can be circumvented at least for the “normal” AUR packages by deactivating “Check for development packages updates” - that is no solution for the development packages themselves though.

  • checking for upgrades takes ages (maybe

  • it is not possible to upgrade a single AUR package:

    1. “Ignore All” deselect all AUR upgrades (I am not talking about partial OS upgrades)
    2. select one AUR package for upgrading
    3. apply the upgrade, confirm transaction summary - “Failed to prepare transaction”. Pamac terminal output indicates that pamac wants the sources for all packages before upgrading one package, so the upgrade fails
      Oddly enough, upgrading a single package worked after deactivating “Check for development package updates”, this also increases the speed of checking for upgrades, but since I need a development package update, it’s not the solution.

Using yay in the meantime is not ideal since it ignores edits to the PKGBUILD.