Palemoon: not supported browser

I’ve decided to try using the default Palemoon v29.4.5.1 browser on my Manjaro i3wm Edition that I recently installed on an HP EliteBook. All working great except that both my bank and the Google Sheets websites complain that this browser is unsupported.

The bank website works OK despite the warning, but Google Sheets hangs. In preferences I have User Agent Compatibility set to Firefox.

I see there are some Palemoon addons to force a different User Agent but before I try these I wonder if anyone out there has experienced this and have a direct solution? (I mean other than installing Chromium!).

Thanks for yout time…

I think you’re probably better off asking this browser-specific question in the Pale Moon forum.

As far as I know, Palemoon is based on an old version of Firefox, so that’s likely why the bank says it’s not supported.