Padded 24h clock

How do I make the clock display time as padded 24h instead of non-padded? Right now the time is shown as 2:31 instead of 02:31 and I would really like to get that 0.

To my knowledge there is not really a “nice” way to do this. However, one way to do it may be to change your time locale (system settings > regional settings > region & language > time > modify…) to one that uses padded 24 hour time, even if it is not the locale you normally use. Since it will only affect time formats, it will probably not cause you any issues provided you at least get one with your native language.

For example, here are two locales that use padded and non-padded:

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I’m afraid the default digital clock widget doesn’t have such a feature. In fact, there’s a 2008 thread in KDE’s own forum to remove it. Your best bet if you don’t want to mess up with time format from another country is to install a 3rd party digital clock widget that provides such a feature. From a quick search, Better inline clock seems promising as the format is totally customizable by users.

Wow. That’s strange. Thanks for the help.