Pacman uninstalls tlp at every upgrade

Whenever I update my system with pacman -Syyuu I see tlp get uninstalled, tlp.conf gets moved to tlp.conf.pacman, and the message ==> Uninstalling redundant 'tlp' package...

For me it i not redundant. I use it to keep my RockPi4B in performance mode.

I put the following entry in /etc/pacman.conf but it had no effect
IgnorePkg = tlp

As I workaround, I tried installing tlp-git from AUR, and IgnorePkg = tlp tlp-git.

But on upgrade I still see:

==> Uninstalling redundant ‘tlp’ package…
Unlocking pacman database…
error: target not found: tlp

Is there some other way to stop pacman discriminating against this innocent package? :slight_smile:


That’s not normal. It sounds like you have some custom pacman hook installed. What’s the output of:

ls /etc/pacman.d/hooks/

Also please list your foreign packages (typically from the AUR, manually downloaded and installed or packages removed from the repositories):

pacman -Qm

Don’t use -Syyuu unless you’re planning to downgrade packages. Use -Syu instead. Also, -Syyu should only be used after refreshing your mirror list.

See the man page. :arrow_down:

man pacman

Hi Yochanan,

ROOT# ls /etc/pacman.d/hooks/
ls: cannot access ‘/etc/pacman.d/hooks/’: No such file or directory

ROOT# pacman -Qm
ananicy-cpp 1.0.0.rc6-1
ananicy-rules-git 2.2.1.r222.gaf35f7f-1
got-git master-1
links-graphical 2.23-1
mint-x-icons 1.6.4-1
mint-y-icons 1.5.9-1
mksh-static master-1
mpv-git master-1
newsboat-git master-1
sakura 3.8.5-1
sway-git r6949.6b97c4fa-1
sway-git-debug r6949.6b97c4fa-1
swaybg-git r122.c960898-1
tlp-git 1.5.0.r10.135756d-1
tlp-rdw-git 1.5.0.r10.135756d-1
wlroots-git 0.16.0.r5618.972a5cdf7-1
wlroots-git-debug 0.16.0.r5618.972a5cdf7-1

I did not realise tlp-rdw-git was still installed. Not sure if that was the problem (as I don’t think I would have installed unless already getting problems with the package version) but anyway I uninstalled it and will see what happens with the next upgrade.

You can’t have tlp and tlp-git installed at the same time. Check packages info, more exactly ‘conflicts’.

-5 min later-

Noticed just now that this is ARM, and that ‘reduntant’ msg comes from · master · manjaro-arm / packages / core / manjaro-system · GitLab

to quote:

    # Uninstall TLP because it provides no benefits, hogs the CPU, and even causes issues,
    # e.g. kernel panics with SATA drives off a PCI Express SATA card in a RockPro64
    if has_package "tlp"; then
        echo "==> Uninstalling redundant 'tlp' package..."
        systemctl disable --now --quiet tlp
        pacman -R tlp --noconfirm


TLP has been superseeded by power-profiles-daemon to my knowledge.

See CPU frequency scaling - ArchWiki on how to use it.

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Thanks for tracking that down. OK it has problems, but I would strongly disagree with the “provides no benefit” part. And “hogs the cpu”? It only runs for 2 seconds to change the settings, then doesn’t even run in the background :slight_smile:

I just installed power-profiles-daemon but it doesn’t have a performance mode on my machine (RockPi4B+). I will try running without it or TLP and see if I notice any diffference in desktop latency (When I originally installed TLP I wasn’t using ananicy, maybe it will be enough to have a useable desktop while compiling in the background…)