Pacman -U with dependencies

I have to use offline installation on a machine. So I tried installing maxima, using the pacman -U *.zst approach, having obtained the dependencies from a repository using an online machine. However, this requires an older sbcl (2.3.7-1) package than could be obtained from the repository (2.3.8-1), hence pacman fails because it wants to use the older version. Does this make the pacman -U *.zst approach unsuitable in this case, or is it unsuitable generally as these dependency issues almost always arise?

There is no guarantee such offline installation will be succesful.

Perhaps this comment on a recent thread can help you

If the system you want to sync is completely offline there was a recent topic on creating a copy of the stable branch repo for such purpose.


Partial updates are unsupported. And that is exactly what you are doing by updating only a part of the system.

Thank you both for the replies, a local offline repository it is. Thank you.

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