Pacman to install 2 versions of the kernel?

A new x86_64 stable update is upon us and I am still sitting on the 5.9 kernel which is EOL. I feel the need to get off of this kernel. As 5.10 seems to break several installs and seemingly stuck in Arch Testing, I assume the smarter move is to fall back to the 5.4 LTS kernel.

But when I attempt to run:

pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

pacman appears to want to install 2 kernels, linux54 and linux-lts along with the header packages, for a total of 4 packages. Why two kernels? Is this normal and should I proceed?

In Manjaro, linux-lts is a meta package to install the latest LTS kernel marked by Manjaro. Which is currently 5.4.
So you install the 2 meta-packages: linux-lts and linux-lts-headers.
Those are depending on the latest LTS, so they will install linux54 and linux54-headers.
For a total of 4 packages.

The good thing, is that when Manjaro updates the meta-package to target the new 5.10 LTS, you will automatically get switched over to it.

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Arch’s linux-lts package was updated to 5.10 a few weeks ago, actually.

I stand corrected, poor choice of words. I did see it in the Arch Core repository, but I did not want to bring up the inevitable question. :wink:

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