Pacman -Qqe > pkglist only AUR are exclude AUR

I’m searching a way to use this command:

sudo pacman -Qqe > $HOME/pkglist.txt

…in a way to exclude are only list the AUR Pakets
thanks a lot for any heads up solution

I might be totally wrong here, but as pacman doesn’t deal with the AUR, it shouldn’t be looking at the AUR package list at all.

You are missing one > and you do not have to use sudo to create the list in your home directory. Simply put, you can run:
pacman -Qqe --foreign >> ~/AUR_pkglist.txt
–foreign is to only show the AUR packages
You can also show the dependencies with:
pacman -Qq --foreign --deps >> ~/AUR_pkglist.txt
so you have to drop the e aka --explicit.


Add -m in order to list only foreign packages – such as AUR’s.


That is even more elegant. Yes!

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