Pacman -Qkk output questions

I ran

pacman -Qkk |& grep -v '0 altered files'

Some of the output messages are prefixed with backup file:. What are these backup files and where are they?

Some of the lines are warnings and say Permissions mismatch. How do I display what pacman thinks the permission should be, so I can compare it to what is actually on the system?

Most of the output (Modification time mismatch and Size mismatch) can be explained by configuration changes.

pacman -Qii | awk '/^MODIFIED/ {print $2}'

will show you that. More here pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

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is in logs

grep -Ei 'warning.*permissions' /var/log/pacman.log -B1 -A1

permissions are in package .pkg.tar.zst (file .mtree) but file format is not very comprehensible for a human

I just wanted to mentioned I changed the pipe to redirect stdout and stderr.

I was just think’n it would have been nice if pacman -Qkk just displayed what he found, since the information was used for the comparison :slight_smile:

There’s lot of interesting information. As a general tool to help debug, not so much.

I was wondering why newuidmap and newgidmap were showing up with Permissions mismatch. I found the answer in /var/lib/pacman/local/shadow…/install.

Everything mostly makes sense, except those messages prefixed with backup file:.

I think these are the files that would produce a pacsave if the corresponding package got uninstalled and they are called backup file because they were specified in the backup-directive in PKGBUILD.

I noticed pacman -Qii <PKG> will display the backup files. Cool…

Out of curiosity, what prevents pacman from overwritting /root/.bashrc or $HOME/.bashrc?

I just started here:

pacman -Fx /etc/skel/.bashrc
pacman -Qii bashrc-manjaro 

The “MODIFIED” above comes from adding, source /etc/bashrc.bashrc.local if present.

But nothing about /root/.bashrc or $HOME/.bashrc.

no, pacman not write in $HOME ! never

linux when we create new user (useradd) copy /etc/skell in new $HOME, skel == skeleton

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