Pacman -Qdq >> Pakete.txt not showing all packages?

Is not solid. Not all packets was exported. Some are missed.

In my case some xfce-themes and gnome-themes. Other missing packets I didn’t check

Have you tried with sudo pacman -Qr >> Pakete.txt?

It’s what our tools use to create the pkg-list.txt files for our images.

Or maybe just pacman -Qq >> Pakete.txt. That seems to display all packages for me.

Note the sudo before the rest of the command.

Ok, thx. Why do I need sudo? Usually the System notify If sudo is needed an don’t execute the command. And in the Wiki from Arch is not written that there are 2 different results using with or without sudo.
Dazu sag ich mal nichts. Diese “Logik” muss ich ja hoffentlich nicht verstehen. Manches geht ohne sudo, aber nur halb, anderes geht ohne sudo gar nicht.

You don’t need sudo just to query packages. Was a slip on my end.

But I believe that pacman -Qq >> Pakete.txt will do what you want.

pacman -Qdq will only list the packages installed as dependencies for other packages, while pacman -Qq will list all packages known by the system.


That’s news to me. Thank you.

Thank you very much. This is the correct command.

This command was not shown in the Wiki Paketliste archivieren –
and the parameter q is not listed here Pacman –

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