Pacman not showing updates for applications

I’m using Manjaro XFCE edition, and I have this problem with pacman package manager, but I’m not sure if it is pacman’s problem or the developer who is maintaining the package.

It’s about an application called flameshot which is a screenshot tool. The application itself is showing me that a new version is available for quite a week now, but still, there are no updates available for that application through the pacman package manager.

It happened with me before as well, that there was a new update available for Git but the pacman showed that update much later, with all of the packages together all at once.

I’m using an Arch-based distro. Isn’t it supposed to be on a bleeding-edge technology side?


Please tell which version of flameshot you are on? Also I hope you know the difference between pamac and pacman:

You can refresh your databases in a case like this:

Try to refresh Pamac's DBs:

  1. open pamac
  2. hit menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
  3. select Refresh databases item
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Currently, I’m using 0.10.2 version of flameshot, and yes I do know about the difference between pamac and pacman, pamac is the GUI interface as well as a command-line for managing official repo packages and AUR packages.

and I also tried running the “sudo pacman -Syyu” but it showed no packages to update
Let me try the way you told me right now

No luck :frowning:
It still isn’t showing any updates available for flameshot

Tell me your branch and full version of flameshot:

pacman-mirrors --get-branch
pacman -Qe flameshot


Please don’t use screenshots for text based output.

You are already using the latest version of flameshot-0.10.2-1 available in the stable branch. The other version available in testing and unstable is 0.10.2-2. You have to switch branches to use that.


Manjaro - Branch Compare

Switching Branches - Manjaro


Sorry, even I regretted just after sending it, that it wasn’t nice

Okay I get it now, I’m using the stable version of it, but is the beta version 0.10.2-2, equivalent to version 11.0.0 which is the latest being shown on GitHub repo of flameshot?

There is no stable and beta version of flameshot. Stable branch is usually 2 weeks behind the latest packages. It is flagged out-of-date in arch stable so you would have to wait till it reaches to manjaro’s stable:

ofc not

You can still use v11 as it is available as a flatpak:

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The package has been flaged out of data in Arch.

If the maintainer finds time, it will be updated.

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