Pacman-mirrors vs Reflector

I see that Pacman-mirrors is more of Manjaro while Reflector is more of Arch.
Which one is more suitable to handle mirrors?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?
Greetings, Juan.

Reflector is for arch mirrors and it’s an arch only tool. Manjaro even doen’t have the same mirrors/repositories. You should use pacman-mirrors for Manjaro. It comes preinstalled on very manjaro system. See Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro and man pacman-mirrors.

Thank you for your response.
Of course I’m using pacman-mirrors on Manjaro, I was just wondering what would be the differences between the two, if any.

Theres also a new manjaro tool "shiny mirrors " its in the repos and there is a thread on it somewhere.

shiny-mirrors is a nice tool - but it is a multi-purpose tool - it works for almost any Arch based distribution.

pacman-mirrors on the other hand is tightly integrated in the build tools.

Not heard of that - it would require a significant changes to the manjaro-tools package - with the possibility of complete rewriting parts of the tools - so I wouldn’t expect that to happen any time soon.

Spreading a rumour like that - please don’t - if change should happen - it will be announced by the team - not by a forum member.

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My bad, I thought I’d read it but will edit my post

That’s only true for the AUR version. The version in the Manjaro community repo is specifically designed for Manjaro. :wink:


Appreciate the info - I was merely referring to the source - from which I judged it had a multi tool purpose. Perhaps I am wrong - it happens more often than I like :slight_smile:

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The Manjaro version is built with --features manjaro while the AUR package is built with --features arch.


It’s using rust’s feature flags, you basically define flags with which you can activate compilation of some part of the code, when manjaro is set as feature it compiles support for branch etc… conditional compilation

# Default
default = ["manjaro"]

# Custom
manjaro = ["branch", "country", "status", "last_sync", "protocol"]
arch = ["country", "status", "last_sync", "native_ipv", "protocol"]
artix = ["continent"]

# Specific mirrorlists but they use main arch mirrors, so they would have to compile this seperaly and put on their mirrors with different name
rebornos = []
endeavouros = ["country"]

# Aliases, Taken for future if some of their change their mirrorlists process/structure...
# endeavouros = ["arch"]
arco = ["arch"]
garuda = ["arch"]
archcraft = ["arch"]

# Don't use explicitly
country = ["continent"]
continent = []
branch = []
status = []
last_sync = []
native_ipv = []
protocol = []