Pacman is trying to install youtube-dl

for some reason with the update pacman is trying to install youtube-dl 2021.12.17-1

i have no packages that requires youtube-dl other than optionally. and none of them are in for an update in this one

Maybe malEware - attack???

Or possibly femaleware. Don’t discriminate.



It was just a joke my friend, relax.

It was just a joke too, my friend, relax.

Hi @koshikas,

Rather check if you have it installed:

pamac search youtube-dl

It will have an [Installed] label if it is, indeed, installed. To see if it was installed as a dependency or explicitly, do:

pamac info youtube-dl

And check for Install Reason in the output.

If you wish to remove it:

pamac remove youtube-dl
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Looks like a kool KDE app guys, which purpose is to throw fakts of what Plasma is able to do and Gnome is incapable of :rofl:


But then, to not DiKriminate much, it should

at every DE, WM and linux communities user base :crazy_face:

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ROFL, found the culprit.

my mistake though. i previously installed hypnotix and made sure youtube-dl was not downloaded simply forgot that with the new update to hypnotix

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The human mind tends to do that, yes.

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