Pacman and custom pkgbuild

There is some package that I’d like to modify slightly in the pkgbuild file.

How do I get pacman to look at my local pkgbuild file instead of the one defined in the repos?

I do understand that I will have to keep it up to date myself.

I have looked at pacman.8.en and the wiki on arch: PKGBUILD - ArchWiki and either I don’t see or understand how to do it.


Also read: makepkg - ArchWiki

In short: Build it yourself, and install made package with pacman -U ...pkg.tar.zst (or directly with makepkg -si)

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you can edit the PKGBUILD before it is run

with an AUR helper
like yay (don’t know about pamac)
you are asked whether you want to edit the PKGBUILD
before the compilation starts

If you need to recompile/update
you’ll have to make your changes to the recipe (the PKGBUILD) again
every time you up the package to a newer version or when it needs to be rebuilt because of changes in the underlying system
(libraries change … new versions of packages that where present when your custom package was built …)


I was looking everywhere but not at the makepkg.


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