Package with network debug tools?

Is there a package available with network debugging tools? I’m thinking something similar to nslookup and something that could display the headers of whats going in/out of a nic.
Search for bind-tools returns no result. Search for nslookup gives a little tool from AUR that has 500+ Mb of dependencies.
For monitoring wireshark is what comes to my mind, but I don’t need it to be that advanced

maybe you are just looking for bind ?
theres also net-tools with a lot of the classic basics … most of which have been replaced by ip counterparts. Network configuration - ArchWiki

The binaries form the former bind-tools package are now in the normal bind package.

Oh. So thats where nslookup has gone.
Is there any way to search for packages that contain a specific tool? Or see a list of tools included in a package? Like, if you open the link in the bind package, you’re brought to the bind program site. That doesn’t tell anything about how the packages for various distros look like.

I found the watch command default installed in manjaro. Combined with iptables it can tell whats happening on the nics.
watch -d -n 1 iptables -v -L INPUT

Sure … or rather … to search the db for a file using regex… ex:

pacman -Fx nslookup

That returns a bit … but we can look for the binary:

pacman -Fx '/bin/nslookup'

(the same rules apply for the db as regular pacman … you may need to Fyx or Fyyx depending on your sync status)

This is also helpful for investigating issues like missing depends.
If you get a warning like ‘error loading’ you can look it up using the method above.

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If you want to know all files that are part of a package you can use

pacman -Fl bind 

(implies that you update the files database with -Fy before )

If the package is already installed you can also use

pacman -Ql bind 
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Very useful! Thanks a lot!

Too bad this forum does not accept to mark multiple posts as solution

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