Package versions not properly updated?

Hi everyone - there is something funny I don’t understand about Manjaro repos’ and I’d like to pick your brains.

I have an updated system on the stable branch. If I run the upgrade routine through either pacman or pamac I get no new package to be installed. Yet, if I manually download package metadata with yay -G it will download a PKGBUILD that actually contains a newer version of the software, one that I can then build just fine with makepkg.

An example of this happening - today, in fact - is owncloud-client. The community version is reported to be; however, if I get the PKGBUILD with yay -G owncloud-client and than build it I successfully end up with the most recent version which is

community/owncloud-client (2.0 MiB 5.0 MiB) (Installed:
    ownCloud client based on mirall

What’s going on?

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The PKGBUILD you are downloading is from the AUR, not from the Manjaro repository. :wink:

Arch User Repository

AUR stuff tends to be more bleeding edge than the packages in the official repositories for Manjaro Stable, because the AUR was essentially created for Arch Linux, and Arch Stable corresponds to Manjaro Unstable.

Manjaro is a curated rolling release, and as such, the packages we take over from Arch are first properly tested (and patched if necessary) via Manjaro Unstable and Manjaro Testing before they land in Manjaro Stable. :wink:

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See Manjaro Features

You can check what package versions are available; i.e., owncloud-client: Packages

In this case it is an Arch package from ABS. See man yay:

      -G, --getpkgbuild
              Downloads PKGBUILD from ABS or AUR. The ABS can only be used for
              Arch Linux repositories.
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That client is packaged by Arch and redistributed by Manjaro: Packages. yay also is able to get the sources like PKGBUILDs, either from the AUR or the gitlab from Arc Linux, as yay is a tool designed for Arch Linux.

If you look at our packages list, you may find out that we actually redistribute the version you have from stable branch and the newer versions you may find in other branches like testing and unstable. You can switch between branches: Switching Branches - Manjaro

The stable branch currently gets very few updates as we are in preparation of the next Install Media release, which also brings newer packages like Gnome 44 series and latest Python.

More info here: Announcements - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks, everyone. I was not aware of the package websearch tool: very very handy!

I guess it’s just weird that when I download the metadata for the package I find the PKGBUILD description of the testing repo, even though I am on stable. That confused me.

You are still confused.
Its not weird.
Its not from the Testing Repo.

You are using an Arch User Repository helper to download the PKGBUILD from the Arch Linux Gitlab not from the manjaro repositories, not from any branch.

As you dont use PKGBUILDs with normal repo packages because they are already built, this utility would normally be used for the AUR.

Heres what you are downloading: