Package submission:

Hello there,

I would like to submit a package called:
manajaro-gaming-meta which is similar to cachyos-gaming-meta.

And also would like to ask about grub-customizer making a comeback to Manjaro repositories as it has been regularly updated and I tried it and it works without any issues in Manjaro nowadays.
Issues mentioned 2-3 years ago seem to be irrelevant as of today so that is why it should be there.
And in addition it is nice to have a simple GUI option for installing multiple version of Linux kernel, but what is the point of having them installed if you cannot as easily choose & reorganize them as install them in Manjaro thus making point of the request as such in this way here in the forum.

Thank you in advance for replies . . .

Unless something dramatic has changed ā€¦ this is still asking breakage.
A quick look at Git : Code : Grub Customizer shows no real changes since 2018 besides removing some unneeded dependencies.

Iā€™m not sure what you could mean ā€¦ by default grub allows you to choose kernels at boot.
While Manjaro Settings Manager (using mhwd-kernel) provides a GUI to manage kernels.

Do you have a project hosted somewhere?
Or is this a request rather than a submission?

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for what purpose?

I doubt it. /etc/default/grub is still the file to be customized.

What exactly is your plan here?

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For what purpose?

For playing games and having all the essential dependencies installed with a single meta package - obviously ?

I doubt it. /etc/default/grub is still the file to be customized.

Having doubts? Try it on your own then . . . . .
I just tried several times and it works with editing boot orders linux-amd-znver3 / manjaro-linux65 from chaotic-aur repository.

What exactly is your plan here?

mhwd GUI (Manjaro Setting Manager) can install/unistall multiple kernels, but there is absolutely no way to choose which one of those listed kernel you want to boot and set their boot order . . .

  • That is the whole point of me mentioning grub-customizer


sudo mkinitpcio -P
sudo update-grub

Probe & register every possible Linux boot image in the whole system so there are no worries . . .

This mess of random dependencies?


Not going to happen. Ever.

Absolutely false. GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT is set to true by default. See GNU GRUB Manual 2.06: Simple configuration