Package signal-desktop is outdated

Hello, the package signal-desktop, 6.8.0-1 in testing, is outdated.

The application displays a message stating it is an expired version and needs upgrade.

The current (not expired) version on Manjaro x86_64 is 6.18.0-1.

Nope, package isn’t outdated. Probably you need update your system.

Well this is true for x86_64 but apparently not for ARM…

I have been messing with this this mourning. I believe I have it working. It requires changes to the PKGBUILD but I have one more change to make. I have run out of time as I have to go to town for my weekly groceries. I will have to finish up later…

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…to toggle something first. :wink:


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I pushed the new signal-desktop package to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync. I had this installed on my old phone but never got around to putting it on my new one so I have not tested this much other than making a note to my self on the desktop and it showed up on my phone.

Let me know if it works ok…

signal-desktop 6.20.2-1

Hello, the new package does not work. The application doesn’t start with “Cannot find program signal-desktop”.
Looks like the app is installed into /opt/signal which is not in the path.
It however works if called from command-line, or after fixing the desktop file.

The old signal-desktop package had an improper line in the PKGBUILD. It was making a link which would only work if signal-desktop was previously installed while building the package. It is hard to say what the circumstances were that led to your issue while installing the upgraded package. I do know that installing the new package here fresh there is no issue if signal-desktop was not previously installed and uninstalling then come back and reinstalling the new package there is no issue. The package is and had been installed in /opt.

My changes to the PKGBUILD that added a .INSTALL file to add/remove the link and removed the line with the improper link:

-  ln -s /opt/signal/signal-desktop "$pkgdir/usr/bin/signal-desktop"

The added signal-desktop.install file:

+post_install() {
+# Symlink bin command to /usr/bin
+        ln -s /opt/signal/signal-desktop /usr/bin/signal-desktop
+pre_remove() {
+        rm -f /usr/bin/signal-desktop

Actually I just had the old package installed and working (but outdated) and I let the system perform its complete upgrade, including signal…
That led me to having a signal-desktop.desktop file in /usr/share/applications stating "Exec=signal-desktop – %u” (without path) and the “signal” binary in /opt/signal , so out of the path, and no symlink in /usr/bin/ …

Revised 09-25-2023:

signal-desktop has been upgraded to 6.31.0-1. New package pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

What’s New

September 20, 2023 · 6.31.0
This update fixes a handful of bugs, including one that caused the main Signal window to go blank if you viewed a debug log in full-screen mode on macOS. Seeing a completely Light or completely Dark window is arguably the purest possible expression of the Light Theme and Dark Theme, but we ultimately decided that the app is easier to use when you can see the interface too.


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