[Package Request] Touchegg

Touchegg is multi-touch gesture application.

The source code is available under GPL v3 license on GitHub

touchegg is available in the AUR along with a Qt5 GUI, touchegg-gce-git.

I know it’s available in AUR and i use it.
i was asking if it’s feasible to have it in official repository.
Also to consider it for default touchpad application.

If it’s not too much of hassle for the devs.

Possibly. I already maintain touchegg-gce-git in the AUR and have helped out the AUR maintainer with the touchegg package.

@Chrysostomus What do you think? Weren’t you wanting more gesture options for touchscreens anyway?

Would be a interesting idea. Currently gnome ships with gestures app that uses libinput-gestures on the background. The gui is nice but the options are pretty basic. Is touchegg better? What are its advantages?

Ability to configure keyboard shortcuts as gestures.

Yes, that is also what libinput-gestures does. There is also another alternative, fusuma, that does the same. What are its advantages compared with the alternatives?

I can maybe also test myself to find out…

It has been implemented in elementary os

Testing the touchegg now. Looking at the documentation, in comparison to libinput-gestures, it seems to offer:

  • configurable gesture per application group
  • possibly pinch to zoom?

It also seems to be quite light. I haven’t gotten it to work though yet, I’ll asses it when I succeed