Package Request - mutter-performance

Hi guys, would be possible to add mutter-performance to the repos? There are already wm forks on the repo for kwin (kwinft) and mutter (mutter-x11-scaling) so this would not be the first time. The improvement this package would bring to users would be mainly 2:
1 improved performance for gnome users that use this package.
2 as the package is on the repos, thus syncronized with the dependencies, it would avoid system breakages for users of the package when updating manjaro.

Thanks in advice.

Please read the pinned topic:

the tripple buffering and vrr patches that it adds are definitely a benefit to a wide range of users. Its not a -git package so there should not be many updates, basically most of the changes are sync to gnome (dont know if this impacts maintainance too much given that manjaro stable updates 2 a month). I definitely use it, but I dont know if vrr and tripple buffering could be considered unique for you. If you dont consider it to be unique enough then feel free to dismiss this request.

Won’t implement.

The patch is still not merged for GNOME 44 and it appears it will not be. mutter-performace and gnome-shell-performance are in the AUR if you wish to test it.