Package request - mintlocale

Hi, I recently wondered myself, why I can’t switch languages in manjaro cinnamon so easily and found out, that cinnamon dropped the language module (for control panel) already in v2.2

Luckily there is mintlocale in the AUR, but I think it’s so essential it should be a dependency for cinnamon.

You can switch locale using Manjaro Settings Manager - no need for a mint package.

MSM also provideds suggestions as to which language packs to install for specific applications.


Ahaa! I totally forgot about this. I looked for a solution on the DE level and was confused cinnamon doesn’t offer it. Thanks for the hint!

I have started to use this as manjaro settings manager is difficult to set these days with the changes to the locale.conf file. Using this first allows setting manjaro settings manager with ease. Incidentally until this is done gnome-terminal will not start.

This might not be needed not sure need to do more tests, it seems if /etc/local.conf is being populated with all the locale info and gnome-terminal does not like this.

Yes this mintlocale package is not needed

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