Package Request - Gradience

with the implementation of libadwaita, GNOME customization is harder now.
For simple, fast and uniform GNOME ricing, I think Gradience is a must have.
not installing it via AUR, but built in Manjaro’s official GNOME ISO, and so in Manjaro’s official repos

I’m planning on it with the release of GNOME 43. In the meantime it’s available as a Flatpak.

EDIT: gradience is now in the community repo and pushed to the unstable branch.

I usually use chaotic-aur repos for extra stuff

I don’t use GNOME, but I’m watching it with interest, because I think could be good use gnome + a tiling windows manager.
Also, I think GNOME users deserve a decent way for customizing their DE and make a uniform look with all the graphical toolkits (I’m on troubles with qt6 look uniformations)

Indeed. Until the Libadwaita Recoloring API is implemented (maybe GNOME 44?), Gradience is a nice stopgap until then.

I’m a big GNOME hater.

But, I’m reevaluating all the thing, now that:

  • I’m getting trouble on uniform the look and feel of the various toolkits,qt6 doesn’t support gtk2 by default, and you need qt6gtk2, that is an unofficial qt6 plugin
  • I’m exploring tiling wms , and for example it sucks to use i3 without the minimize-maximize-close buttons, so CSD are useful ONLY in combo with a tiling windows manager
  • If you use GTK toolkit, GNOME is becoming the only valid alternative, untl someone will fork GTK3 for creating a valid save for all the people that likes classical DEs, like XFCE or MATE. Of course, this will never happens.
    By the way, I consider GTK2 the best toolkit, and I really miss it, it was easy, functional, uncomplicated and easy on resources, very and easily customizable
    So, using GNOME as a base for a tiling wm and an easy way for uniform the look&feel of graphical toolkits could reduce A LOT my headaches :laughing:
    Of course, of my machine, a modest Intel core 2 Duo Q9650 , I’ cloud have lots of hacks for having things to works smoothly

Gtk 2 is EOL. Sorry.

Not going to happen, unfortunately. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Xfce has added CSD support recently to adapt.

I use Pop Shell with GNOME, but there is i3-gnome.

I started using i3 in late 2019 (sway since early 2021) and haven’t seen hide (and damn sure don’t miss) those buttons. Frankly, it’s why I even ‘went there’…I hate meeces to pieces!

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