[Package request] bup

I’m not sure I’m right here, but i don’t find a thread with
“Requests for packages import from AUR to official Manjaro” .
I want to start a request for “bup” get into the official repos.
(Needed from “kup” for file backups)
It had a long time “no pthyon3-support problem” but now it works again.
I think it was before this problem already in the official repos, but again I’m not sure …

We used to have a separate Package request category on the old forum. Either way, please read the pinned post.

OK, thanks.
A little PRO-speech:
KDE File Backup “KUP” works not good without it.
KDE is mainline for manjaro.
Working Backup-Software is important (On rolling release maybe VERY …)
Yes, there are alternatives like “Déjà Dup” . But thats gonme-style.

But anywhere:
If nobody like the request - No problem. It works for me from AUR. And it’s small …

Then it’s possible Arch might pick it up as an optional dependency along with rsync.

Now in stable (official community)

You can thank Antonio Rojas who is an Arch packager. :wink: He added it as an optional dependency of kup.

OK: :gift_heart: Antonio Rojas is a hero packer.
Many thanks to him !

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