Package removed from repositories?


ouptut of pamac list -m is the below :

anki                           2.1.49-3         AUR  34.0 Mo
foo2zjs-nightly                20201127-1       AUR  24.9 Mo
galculator-gtk2                2.1.4-5               1.4 Mo
ifuse                          1.1.4-1               27.9 ko
linux-latest                   5.10-1                
orage                          4.12.1-5              5.3 Mo
python-mypy-protobuf           2.9-1            AUR  101.5 ko
python-stringcase              1.2.0-1          AUR  18.8 ko
rstudio-desktop-bin            2021.09.2.382-1  AUR  795.3 Mo
samsung-unified-driver-common  1.00.39-5        AUR  21.3 ko
samsung-unified-driver-scanner 1.00.39-5        AUR  2.3 Mo
udunits                        2.2.28-3         AUR  352.5 ko

I would like to know if the 4 package that are not AUR and have no repository associated with are packages that were removed from all repositories ? In such case may I know from which repository they were originally from and how to deal with them ? (only 1 package : ifuse seems essential to me, can I safely keep it ? I see there is another ifuse-git in AUR but I am afraid to loose connection to my iphone and never be able to recover if I remove it)

Thanks for any help !

The meta package linux-lts got removed from our repos a while ago.

These are possibly dropped from the AUR.

Try installing ifuse-git:

Thanks !

Do I HAVE TO remove them ?

I am pretty sure orage and galculator where not from AUR and probably not installed voluntarily and dont really care.

On the other hand ifuse is most probably from AUR and is working OK but if I remove it and ifuse-git is not working I become unable to access my iphone photos anymore :cry: :cry: :cry: (I probably wont be able to install back from package cache)… so I would prefer not to , is it a problem to keep it ?

Yes. Remove orage and galculator-gtk2. Install galculator instead.

Xfce went through an update and orage is probably no longer a part of Xfce group. So if you don’t use orage, you can remove that.

Possibly not because the arch wiki still recommends it. But you can still t-shoot why the git packages isn’t working.

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