Package OBS-Studio out of date?

Hi there,
I have a couple of plugins that I regularly use for OBS (one critical is AUR (en) - obs-source-copy), however as of current version (dated September 1, 2022) I can’t update it since it has a dependency of obs-studio>=28
The version of obs-studio in the community repository is 27.2.4-2, whilst the latest in the AUR is 28.0.1-4 (for obs-studio-browser). has the latest at 28.0.0/28.0.1 (depending on OS)
What’s the process for getting this updated?

that package is inherited from arch. they have not yet updated it.

obs-studio in Manjaro repositories is always likely to be behind officially supported 'buntu and flatpaks

The latest package in AUR is obs-studio-git to build latest source files published to github

Building obs-studio-git...
==> Making package: obs-studio-git (Thu 15 Sep 2022 18:53:41 BST)

Thanks Steanne. Will have to contact the package maintainers :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nikgnomic
Might have to try that.