Package koreader-bin from AUR doesn't run in Manjaro ARM Plasma

I’m working with a Pinebook Pro, where I’ve installed Manjaro ARM Plasma. I have installed the koreader-bin package from the AUR repository. The installation went without errors. However, when I try to start the application, it does not work. I get these error messages in the console:

./reader.lua: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `[['
./reader.lua: line 2: `io.stdout:write([['

If anyone knows of a possible solution, I would be grateful if you could post it here.

Thank you very much for your help.

Any package in the AUR with a -bin extension is a binary package for x86_64 and will not work on ARM systems. However, there is an ARM64 Debian package available as well, so you could edit the PKGBUILD and change amd64 to arm64 in the source URL to it instead.

Thanks. I’ll try it

Finally, I have found a better solution.

I downloaded from AUR the .deb to Arch debtap package converter. I used it to convert the KOReader arm64 package available on Github and, by downloading a couple of necessary dependencies from AUR beforehand, I managed to install KOReader on my Pinebook Pro.

I hope this information can be useful to someone.

Thank you very much!

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