Package for ipfs-desktop?

I’m looking into IPFS and wanted to check out the project via ipfs-desktop, but could not find it in manjaro, neither via pacman nor pamac.

There is only the core implementation kubo available.
ipfs-desktop is in AUR however, where you can find all relevant info on the project:

Would be nice to have this integrated into official Manjaro package sources.
There is also a snap package available (e.g. via KDE software installer), but I’d rather have a native client for things like these.

If this is really missing, I’d be willing to support the effort, but have never done packaging before (the challenge is more time-wise, not so much capability wise, though).

So this is more about checking if I missed something, and kindly asking if anybody worked on this, and if not, if there is enough interest to work in it, and maybe get some example/pointers to start (I think there is some info in the Wiki already but haven’t checked yet).

Well, if AUR package works fine, then you don’t have to do anything - it’s already been done. :slight_smile:

I know that Manjaro packages are sourced from AUR (for the community package managers), but installing from AUR is still more complicated than straight from within e.g. pamac, also the package seems to have some issues, from what I’ve read in the comments.

So how do I integrate an AUR package into pamac sources so it can find it?

Enable AUR support at the settings of pamac manager?

Pretty straight forward on the terminal:

pamac build ipfs-desktop

:notebook: Also note that the AUR has no packages. It has recipes to create packages.

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Wow I was pretty sure I turned that setting on, but completely forgot about that altogether.
So thanks for the quick help, and also for the command line tip!

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