Package dependency conflict

bear with me I’m new to Manjaro. My first full system upgrade with ¨pacman -Syu¨ ended with this:

:: Replace dbus-python with extra/python2-dbus? [Y/n] Y
:: Replace mhwd-nvidia with core/mhwd-nvidia-430xx? [Y/n] Y
:: Replace qca-qt5 with extra/qca? [Y/n] Y

resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing mhwd-nvidia breaks dependency 'mhwd-nvidia>=455' required by mhwd-db
:: removing dbus-python breaks dependency 'python-dbus' required by system-config-printer

I imaged from the manjaro-kde-22.0.2-230203-linux61.iso with the open source driver option. How do I resolve these dependency conflicts gracefully?

Can you try pamac upgrade ?

Sure, but subsequent pacman -Syu and pamac upgrade attempts both end with: “nothing to do”. dbus-python and mhwd-nvidia are still installed and I don´t get the offer to replace these with extra/python2-dbus and core/mhwd-nvidia-430xx anymore.

Neither python2-dbus nor mhwd-nvidia-430xx are in the repos and have not been for years.

Are you sure you downloaded a recent ISO? It sounds like a very old one.

Interesting, makes sense that I couldn´t find them on Like I said I downloaded and installed the ISO manjaro-kde-22.0.2-230203-linux61.iso via the official torrent. The torrent was created on the 3rd of February 2023. This was literally the first system upgrade I did on a fresh install without any prior configuration. I guess I don´t need to worry about the dependency conflict anymore, but why were these offered in the first place? Could it be that my system were syncing with an out-of-date repo mirror? I’m kinda clueless since this is the first time I’m using Manjaro and pacman.

That could be. If so, that mirror needs to be taken out behind the shed and put out of it’s misery. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was going to mention maybe a pacman-mirrors (see options -l, -c and -f), before an update, might have helped.

But when I executed the command myself, I got no response and it appears is down too.