Package conflicts


I am having trouble installing the latest Nvidia drivers, as some packages (which do not seem to be installed on my PC) are conflicting. This link (imgur dot com/a/BLJU8cm) shows what I am trying to install and what the message I get is.

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Remove opencl-nvidia-340xx first.

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Thanks, Bog (is it okay if I shorten your name? :slight_smile: )

I tried removing the conflicting packages, but everything went in tilt… got to the greeter but as soon as I entered my credentials, I got a black screen. Tried different kernels and all, but it just wouldn’t work.

Ok, I am just gonna brag in the next segment here, as I am still new but I managed to save my system and I am insanely proud of myself :sweat_smile:

At the grub menu I launched the system by going into tty and started removing the almost all the Nvidia packages I installed and reinstalled the old ones (440xx).
I rebooted, and got the (can’t recall the exact message) ‘Failed to start lightdm-greeter’. Rebooted to an older kernel and everything worked fine! No settings lost or anything :raised_hands: :sunglasses:

I still don’t know why all of this happened, though. I am using the latest (58) kernel and tried installing the 450 drivers that belong to said kernel…

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