Paccache command not found


Thank you very much
But i got an ERROR here

sudo paccache -ruk0
bash: $: command not found

paccache is included with pacman - so :man_shrugging:

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@Firas2023 I suspect you copied and pasted a command with the $ in front of it and that is, indeed, a non-existing command.



I did not copy $ but u never know with me :slight_smile:
but it’s working now that you mention it

Thank you so much

sudo paccache -ruk0
[sudo] password for 

==> finished: 48 packages removed (disk space saved: 106.79 MiB)
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That is an error by bash complaining that the $ command you provided does not exist. So if you don’t see it, you’ve got 1 of two problems:

  1. Serious magic; or
  2. failing eyes.



I am terrible @ multitasking :v:

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