Owner of manjaro-hello-preferences.json in /tmp

Hi. I tried logging into Manjaro as user “guest” to see what guest has access to on the system.

$ ls -l /tmp
-rw-r--r-- 1 guest guest 27190 Jan 16 13:20 manjaro-hello-preferences.json

I was surprised to see that guest has ownership of manjaro-hello-preferences.json. The guest ownership persisted when I logged in as myself.

Would this be a bug?

No, that’s only a temporary file ─ nothing in /tmp may assume that it’ll survive a reboot ─ and temporary files have the user ID (UID) of the user who ran the application that created them.

However, due to the nature of the permissions on /tmp, users cannot delete each other’s files ─ they can only delete their own files.

Thank you for explaining.

In this case, does that mean the config file in /tmp should not affect other user’s use of manjaro-hello? Or that potentially it can until a reboot?

Normally, it should not affect other users. But the file will be gone upon reboot anyway, because /tmp lives on a virtual memory filesystem (tmpfs) ─ its contents do not exist on the physical drive.

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