Overwatch lags Nvidia

Hello, I would like to know how to downgrade the Nvidia driver because since the Nvidia 510 I lost fluidity with overwatch in the womb I have mini lag that I did not have with Nvidia 470. I am a novice with manjaro so excuse me for that. Unless I have techniques in lutris to have more fluidity, I’ll be interested.

I’m on manjaro 21.2.2 xfce
Nvidia 510
Core 5.15

Thank you for your help

To change the driver with another one supported in Manjaro (downgrading would put you in partial upgrade state and is not supported, but this is not downgrading per say, this is using another driver currently provided in Manjaro), then go to Manjaro Settings Manager application, click Hardware Configuration, then you right click the video-nvidia driver (assuming this is the one you have installed as you didn’t give information), click uninstall, and when it is finished, you right click video-nvidia-470xx (assuming this is the proper one base on my first assumption) and click install, when it is finished, you reboot.

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