Output channels in pulse audio control in manjaro sway edition


I am testing the volume in Manjaro Sway edition and I am confused with how it is managed. In pulse audio settings, Output channels tab, there are two options; one being “Speakers”, while the other one “Headphones”. However, when I try a wired headphone set, I observe that the interface does not change automatically from “Speakers” to “Headphones”. I can still hear through my headphones even though the interface is showing “Speakers”. Is this the normal behaviour in Sway?

On a side problem, I am also having problem with my bluetooth headphone set. When I pair it through blueman with my pinebook pro, it does not give me any sound. How can I fix this?

I have the same issue with pairing bluetooth headphone set - I wonder if a solution has been found in the meantime?

I dont have a Bluetooth headphone, but a Bluetooth speaker and just gave it a try. I have no issues with audio on it (it plays only via the BL speaker). Attached the screenshots of my PulseAudio control…

The audio control in Waybar looks like this:

The playback control in PulseAudio like this:

And the output devices control like this (note: the selected checkbox on Philips BT100):