Origin of weird Plasma notification?

Hi out there,
For about 2-4 weeks I keep getting network notifications:

You have to log into the network

… although I am definitely already connected to the network.

How can I get information about the process and the trigger of the message? Thank you, Peer

Hi @Peer,

IIRC that message is for when you’re in a captive portal. II also get it every once in a blue moon. Even when I’m at home, on my custom network, browsing the internet.

It happens when the check can’t reach the Arch Linux server for a ping. It can be disabled, although I am completely unsure how.

Ah great, thank you very much :+1:

I installed Pi-Hole and there I observe pings to ping.manjaro.org, always a block of four pings, that are being blocked by pi-hole. I’d suppose that these things are correlated.

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That’s the connectivity check of networkmanager. It can be disabled:

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Thanks a lot!

You can probably also provide your own “NetworkManager is online”-file :wink:

Kind regards

Returned to say I did exactly that!

Did it for my network at home, so now it’s OK if something is wrong with the 'net. I’ll know before switching on my PC anyway, so that is kind of pointless. Now if there’s an error, its quite obvious where the problem lies.

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