Org.kde.platform never upgrades even after repeated upgrading

I am a new Linux user and uses Manjaro Gnome edition. In pamac no matter how many times I upgrade org.kde.platform it shows me to upgrade it. How do I resolve this error.

Thats a flatpak … why do you have it installed ?

I really don’t know. Maybe its a dependency or something I have no idea about it. I don’t remember installing it.

flatpak list

Then it came as a dependency of one of those other flatpaks.

By the way …
Most if not all of those flatpaks are available as regular packages … is there a reason you are using, for example, the nvidia driver and matcha theme flatpaks instead of packages from the repos?

PS… please refrain from using screenshots unless needed. Text is preferred.

No and as I have told you I am new linux user so I have very little idea about packages like flatpaks and so on. So removing them and using regular packages will solve my problem?

Yeah, sure. I will remember to use texts next time.

It will certainly get rid of your flatpak updating issue, yes.
But … some of these are important … such as the driver … so you should probably be careful.
Make sure to reinstall your preferred driver using mhwd or Manjaro Settings Manager
(as should always be done on manjaro)

Ok. I will try and notify you once done.

please - refrain from posting useless screen shots.

If needed - please select the output in your terminal then paste the output into your topic.

Select the newly pasted test and click </> to create a searchable readable topic.

Yeah, I agree that avoiding screenshots is a good idea. Whenever possible provide the termnal output. For example in case of Pamac you could run
pamac update
pamac upgrade
in the terminal and copy paste the output. Edited as @linux-aarhus showed.

fixed in next pamac 9.5.7-7 …

flatpak update

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