Org.kde.plasma.battery tray widget vs plasmawindowed

My desktop machine has a Logitech G502 with Powerplay under it. I was curious of the current battery level on the device and I tried adding the Battery and brightness widget to my panel. Results below:
However, if I run

plasmawindowed org.kde.plasma.battery
kf.plasma.quick: Applet preload policy set to 1
kf.plasma.core: requesting config for "Battery and Brightness" without a containment!
qml: 0
org.kde.plasma.notifications: Failed to register Notification service on DBus
file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.battery/contents/ui/PowerProfileItem.qml:136: TypeError: Cannot read property 'label' of undefined

I get the following
Is this a bug potentially to report further or is there just something missing how the widget accesses information?