Org.cups.cupsd.service not found

I am trying to install a Samsung ML 2070 printer without success.

I am Linux newbie.

The following link seemed helpful:

Following the instructions in the link :

Open a Terminal window (this works)

yay -Sy --noconfirm Samsung-unified-driver (this works)

systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

(Error message: Failed to start org.cups.cupsd.service: Unit org.cups.cupsd.service not found.)

I have reinstalled CUPS and still receive the error,

Any help appreciated


Uh oh, a random ‘tutorial’, and one that both uses an (old) manjaro ISO version as if it is some sort of desktop version as well as the tut being years old.

I doubt it, as written … (capitalization matters)

But also … -Sy should be avoided for creating partial upgrades.

This is wrong.
For one thing … starting the service will only start it now … it will be gone again on next boot.
Furthermore the service name is incorrect.
(in fairness this is likely due to its age)
cups provides the service cups

systemctl enable cups --now

Though … I might opt for enabling the socket instead.

That and more info:


That service was renamed a few years back, one of the pitfalls of outdated tutorials.
The CUPS service now is simply named cups.service so that instruction would now be:

$ systemctl start cups.service

It is socket enabled however and would not need manual start, just socket enabling:

$ systemctl enable --now cups.socket

For further information take a look at the already mention Arch Wiki CUPS page.


Thanks for all your assistance. I was able to install my printer using your comments and a few more hints gathered on-line.


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