[OrangePi4LTS] Massive technical difficulties with 23.05 release (minimal and xfce)

Hello there!
First of all - big thanks to the OPi4LTS distro maintainers for the effort and time.
Second of all - things are not working on my side.

DD’d image to micro sd card. Image launches successfully.

  1. Initial setup will be rebooted by dismissing some late option.
  2. The big problem is that installation gets infinitely stuck on post-install clear up phase. Gave it a full 24 hours, nothing. The installer is not dead, pointer is blinking non-stop.
    Cutting of the power brings user back to the installer with a little twist - user is being asked to type in the root password for the root auto login. The password was set in the previous installation attempt.


Updating system through console with pacman -Syu brings up allot of problems for a release version.

  1. Huawei cloud as a first mirror - big mistake. And it is now “[country/company] - bad” kind of mistake. Huawei forcefully closes connection while the update is going. I am currently situated in Asia/Kyrgyzstan, it is most certainly not a weak connection error.

  2. PGP sign mismatch or corruption.
    Had fun mashing enter for ~300 times.
    At first pacman tries to get the keys, says something about corruption and goes on further to re-download the whole system worth of packages.

The updater tool stops the update process on the initial PGP key download.

Thank you for your attention.

Have you verified the checksums?

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Yes, both archives are matching with their checksums
Both were pulled from the official (I hope) github page

The mirrorlist on any media is randomly created when the image is created.

Always download mirrorpool and recreate the mirrorlist using pacman-mirrors when you start using the image.

Getting pgp-key issues if you don’t update the mirrorpool is also pretty normal.

See the wiki Pacman troubleshooting - Manjaro

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I’m filling stupid, confused and positively surprised that updating mirror-list would resolve PGP issue, but it did work and the rest of it is a homework of my own to do.

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syu

Thank you @linux-aarhus for helping and @Wollie for participating

Only issue left to be resolved is the infinite minimal installation script. After that I’ll put solution check-mark accordingly.

@Wollie sorry to bother, but I need to ask it.
Since this post has two questions (which is obviously my mistake), would it make the post misleading by marking the solution right now since there is no solution to a minimal install problem?

Should I make a separate post about minimal install?

Usually it’s better to have one issue per thread, if you intend to have the other question solved as well, then yes, open a new thread.

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