Orange Pi 3 LTS HDMI not work!

Hello, I have an Orange Pi 3 LTS and I would like to install manjaro since the original images on the manufacturer’s website have repositories that I don’t trust and also because I like the work of manjaro. I installed the image available on github (Manjaro-ARM-minimal-opi3-lts-22.08.img.xz) from the following link Release 22.08 · manjaro-arm/opi3-lts-images · GitHub . I used etcher to copy the files to the microSD card. The Orange Pi 3 LTS has the green light when the card is inserted but nothing appears on the screen through the HDMI. If you remove the SD card, the device will boot the operating system installed on the emmc. Thanks

as I could not upload an image here in the post I sent it to the following link:

It’s a known kernel issue and we are working on finding out why it does not boot correctly.

Thanks, I wish I could help but I’m still very noob in the ARM area.

Are any pre-releases working? I would like to start using orange pi. Thanks

Currently not. We are still working on figuring out what is wrong.

Can I do anything to help?
I would like to know how to debug the image but I don’t know how to do that.

Does arch linux arm work on Orange Pi 3 LTS?

Not sure about this.

According to their Platforms menu/page, no they do not.

If they did, it would have been easy for us to support it too.

I understand, do you have any idea when the problem might be resolved?


I have been trying to fix it but need to give it some more time.

I will try to get it resolved in the coming week.

Thank you very much for your patience

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Fixed the issue
Try images from here, these are from unstable branch so don’t use it for production server yet.

I will prepare 22.08 images tomorrow so you can use it for production.

I will try. I already give feedback I will copy the image to the card. Thank you very much for your availability.

I tested the minimal manjaro it worked very well! Also out of curiosity I tried the gnome image and tomorrow I will test the rest of the images. I thought the gnome gets a little heavy to lag a little bit but the hardware isn’t the best either. As for wifi and bluetooth will be supported? In gnome it didn’t detect wifi or bluetooth in minimal I didn’t get to check it but it’s not a problem for me because I use RJ45. Thank you and congratulations to the manjaro team for their availability for their work.

Wifi and bluetooth will work in the future as it needs some custom patches as the wifi chip used in the device does not have any support in upstream kernel.

Gnome will be heavy for this gpu. Kde plasma with Wayland will work much smoother.

Tested the Plasma dev image, it does indeed have HDMI out again and functions fairly well.

It did however not have Wifi/BT (expected) or Ethernet (not expected). I have the same issue with no Ethernet on the Rock 3A, but that’s a completely different SoC, so it might not be related.

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Please use 22.08 for production. There is no wifi/bt support yet.

I’m already using. Thanks


how do i install to emmc instead of using microSD?