Orange Pi 3 LTS doesn't boot

Hi there! How do you write your Manjaro ARM OrangePI 3 LTS image on SD card? I’m using Balena Etcher, but it seems like my device doesn’t recognize it. In the same time Armbian nightly image works well. Use repo Releases · manjaro-arm/opi3-lts-images · GitHub Thanks

Seems our latest Dev image has an issue where it did not actually have the uboot binary flashed to the image.

Fixing that now.

Sorry, I’m not a DEV.
Can you please describe step by step how do I proceed to get a working OS image? Installing an image on a card is not enough? Do I need to burn the bootloader (and which one)? (Nothing happens after pluging in the micro sd card.) Thanks

No, the image has an error. It was a mistake from our end.

I have now fixed it, so it does use the uboot correctly. But, there seems to be an issue in the uboot itself.
@spikerguy any idea what the issue is?

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Please use atf 2.2 as we have not found a fix to use atf2.6 yet.

Flash the image on sdcard using etcher software and it should be enough.

Just to let you know there is no wifi/bluetooth support for opi3lts yet.

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