Orange Pi 3 LTS Audio and Wireless not working on KDE Plasma

Good day

The audio and wireless does not work on a freshly installed Orange Pi 3 LTS using Orang Pi 3 LTS image for Plasma.

Does anyone know how to resolve?

Wifi/bt not working is known to us.

Not sure about the audio, we need to look more into that one.

Thank you. any fix for the Wifi?

I have a headset plugged into the audio jack. It is not working from there.

Currently no fix or workaround. It’s ongoing development.

Can you try and see if HDMI audio works? (It does for me).
No analog audio interface present, so that’s not supported yet.
Analog audio is often the last thing to get working on SBCs.

HDMI works, but audio jack does not. Issue is that students in the library needs headsets. Any suggestions?

Probably another OS is a good idea then. Unless they have USB headsets.