Orage disappeared from my XFCE panel after today's system update

I can’t add it anymore. It’s not in the list of available applets for panel. Although Orage is installed in my Manjaro system. I can manually launch orage from console.

How to integrate Orage into my XFCE panel again?

It’s an AUR package, so it will need to be rebuilt against the updated system libraries. Try this… :arrow_down:

pamac remove orage && pamac build orage

It doesn’t help. I did exactly what you recommended.

Well, I don’t use either XFCE or orage, but have you taken a look at the documentation?

Add the command you use there to Control Center >> Session and Startup >> Application Autostart.

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If you read the News of Orage in GitLab here, you’ll see that version 4.18.0, which got also updated in AUR today, removed the panel plugin.

- Removed panel plugin (Issue #11)

The referenced issue is this one:

That’s why it’s not in the list of available panel plugins.

According to the documentation, you can integrate Orage with the panel clock:

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OK. Now I have another question.
I have vertical (not horizontal) XFCE panel. And with Orage I had clock displayed the right way. With native clock applet I have time rotated 90 degrees as if it is displayed on horizontal panel.
How to fix it?

I’m not sure if I get it correctly from your discription, but you probably need to set the Mode of the panel (in panel preferences) to Deskbar.

In the Deskbar mode, the panel is oriented vertically, while panel plugins are oriented horizontally. This mode works best with Number of rows set to 2 or more.

The documentation is here:

In deskbar mode buttons of opened applications are shifted right. While in vertical mode all buttons of opened applications are in the middle of panel.

vertical panel

deskbar panel

I see what you mean, but I have no idea about that.

Check the Xfce panel GitLab page for any issues that might describe your issue:

Maybe different margins for buttons in deskbar and vertical mode are the matter of current GTK theme? I use Adwaita. Maybe other themes will result other alignment of buttons.

It’s distracting when time is finally displayed OK but application buttons are shifted.

Looks like bug in CSS.

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