Oracle VirtualBox --> Windows 10 -- Fusion 360 --> slow graphic/display


i am an absolute Linux fan and use Manjaro XFCE.
But: Unfortunately the CAD Software Fusion 360 of Autodesk is only available for Windows.
So i set up a VM Iso of WIndows 10 and installed Fusion 360.

Unfortunately the graphic performance is very bad.
So i downloaded the latest NVIDIA graphic driver for my card (Geforce gtx 1050 ti) and tried to install them on windows), cause at the moment on ly a standard windows display driver is installed.

After downloading and executing setup of driver the installation wizard says that thisdriver is not compatible with this version of windows. But at the NVIDIA driver page is selected “Windows 10” and the ISO installed on VirtualBox IS windows 10.

So windows, whats your problem?
Do you have ideas what i can do to get better graphic performance in the VirtualBox?
Is there a better wy to get Fusion 360 working on Linux Manjaro?

Best wishes

The Windows inside the virtual machine only sees virtual hardware - not the real one.
… it’s a virtual machine …
Installing drivers for your real hardware cannot work.

provides drivers to enhance the performance of some things.
also, I think mainly for USB devices

If you need more graphical performence then you have to passthrough your gpu to the vm by using libvirt… not easy for a newbe, but can be done… you will need to have 2 gpus or at least a recent intel gpu which can passthrough to multiple VMs.

Maybe easier for you could be using gnome-boxes, which uses qemu and libvirt also. You can edit the xml file there and change settings there… But the GUI is just bare minimum.

More advanced is: virt-manager

I am in the same position - did you get any further with this ? I don’t really see running Win10 in a VM a better solution than running Win10 in a dual boot machine, which is where I currently am. Wish it wasn’t so.