Oracle 11g Express Edition Installation

Please show me a way to install Oracle 11g Express Edition or Oracle 12c Edition
As I need to use Oracle Database
Please Show me a Full way

Have you had a look at AUR (en) - oracle-xe

To install it, you would do pamac build oracle-xe

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In addition to what @NGr already mentioned, see the instructions in the Arch Wiki:

I will try it out once
Than I will revert

What after this command?

I haven’t installed this software, I would suggest reading the pinned comment on the AUR site I linked to and the wiki that @bill_t linked to.

Do you have any idea how to run rpm packages in arch?

The AUR package uses the RPM to install it, this is from the PKGBUILD:


Download the snapshot from the AUR page mentioned. Extract snapshot. In terminal: Change to folder where snapshot was extracted. run makepkg in terminal
e.g makepkg -cs or csi

pay attention to pinned comment on the AUR page. I don’t use this software so I am clueless with that pinned comment.