Options to sync with Google Drive?


I see that there have been a few excellent threads on this already, but I’m not sure how far they apply to Manjaro ARM.

I previously used Overgrive, but that software has fallen into a strange state of undeath, and either doesn’t work, or way too slowly to be a practical option. (Which is the same reason the KDE-Connect option doesn’t work well - you can access the data, but “lean”, “dynamic” work is impossible.)
On my other Manjaro/Linux devices, I’ve been able to do well with Insync, which works like a charm. - But Insync doesn’t work with ARM, or, rather with “aarch64”.

(Proud Pinebook user here, having a lot of fun with that one. Best “netbook”-style device I ever bought.)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Nachtfalke,

Try rclone, from the community repository:


Thank you! So far, Rclone is terribly clunky, though. Maybe it’s my mistake, but especially the synchronization speed is very slow. Perfomance-wise, it’s basically Overgrive minus the relatively simple usability.

Like, I hope I’ll bend the software to my will, eventually. :smiley_cat: But are there other ARM-friendly options, perhaps? :slight_smile:



There is this: KIO GDrive - KDE Community Wiki – use together with a file manager using KDE Frameworks, such as Dolphin or Krusader.