Optional ChatGPT implementation suggestion for Manjaro

Hello everyone, community, I am speaking from a translator to express a more general idea so that there is a more general dialogue.

Seeing that ChatGTP has had a great development and Operating Systems include it as a plugin within their browsers or within their own system, I have not seen this advance that AI has had within Linux.

Why wouldn’t Manjaro be the first Linux distro to implement it optionally?

It is nothing more than a general idea. Good and great day.

ChatGPT is only here for free beta testing (free as in they use people for their testing, for free), this is a closed source commercial product, unless you plan to be their customer at some point, building anything based on ChatGPT is a waste of time in my opinion.

I may be wrong, and their claim about being for the benefit of the humanity may be true… but this is always the same, create the demand, then close the valve, and ask for money.

OpenAI API usage agreement: OpenAI API
OpenAI API pricing: OpenAI API


One does not need to be part of a distribution development team to implement anything.

Though even as an “optional” software, i don’t think it would be broadly welcomed.
Most notably: doesn’t AI software requires a connection to a back-end server in order to operate correctly? Such connections usually rise a serious privacy issue, and similar implementations already received seriously backlashes in the past, like the Amazon search integration in Ubuntu.


Manjaro doesn’t need to “implement it optionally”. You can just go out there and make a ChatGPT integration however you want. Then every distro will “implement it optionally” since it will be an installable piece of software.

From what I’ve read ChatGPT is just as likely to be wrong or provide old information that no longer applies as it is to be right. That can be a disaster for Linux newbies that might take the results as being correct and attempt to apply them.


ChatGPT is built to provide you with an answer, not a correct answer. If it doesn’t actually know, it will make up something that sounds reasonable and present it as fact.


Well: ChatGPT extension for Linux available now - Cloud7 News

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In the future if you’re going to quote something from a article make sure you present it as a quote and cite the source.

I simply don’t trust any closed source AI enough to voluntarily install it on my machine. Despite the potential advantages and possibly altruistic goals of the creators of such technology I see all kinds of serious security and privacy issues that would have to be addressed and without the source code being publicly available I don’t see a way to alleviate those concerns.

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Can I get a amen and hallelujah? :rofl: :rofl:

I will leave a quote of one of the founders of Open AI:

OpenAI was created as an open source (which is why I named it “Open” AI), non-profit company to serve as a counterweight to Google, but now it has become a closed source, maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.

Not what I intended at all.


You can already install an extension in Firefox for ChatGPT.

You must create your own account, and - as mentioned - it isn’t free or open source.

This is simply an early testing phase, and once it’s getting connected and working then it will be monetized.

The best you can hope for is that it’s cheap - but given the demand, I can imagine that the price should increase until not too many people are using it…

If I understand ChatGPT or similar service from whomever it supposes to understand what you are asking. However reports for the ones most often in the news appear to have serious comprehension issues
This from source: The Register

I understand, perhaps I agree with many problems because of what everyone has said, I was even unaware of some information. To be the best. Thanks for your opinions.