Optimus-manager.startup=nvidia: command not found

Regarding the suggestion to update to Linux 6.6, I entered

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux66

but get the error:

(6/6) Updating Grub-Bootmenu
/etc/default/grub: line 9: optimus-manager.startup=nvidia: command not found
error: command failed to execute correctly

I don’t recall intentionally removing optimus-manager. I did some time ago change the BIOS setting to use the nvidia card only – the switchable graphics was giving me too much grief. Any suggestions?

You wouldnt normally need it.
And if you set nvidia-only in BIOS … then theres definitely no reason for it.
You can see if it is still installed:

pacman -Qs optimus

Beyond that the error seems self-explanatory.
You have that option, but it is not recognized.
Remove it from /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub.

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That fixed it, thanks very much.

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