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Hi gamers!
I just switched to Manjaro and I’m looking to optimize Lutris in order to play games that are on a shared drive between Linux and Windows.

I’ve seen a few videos on YT and I see some guys’ setups that don’t match what I have at all, including stuffs that links to a “lutris-ge-2.1” wineprefix or launchers like WineHQ Staging and I don’t know what it is or how to install it.

Do you have by any chance a tutorial I can use to optimize all this?

For the record, I don’t even know how to get a “wine prefix” so it would be better if it took the base, I’m a bit drowned in my research and I find everything a bit nebulous or already for advanced user.


Salut les gamers !
Je viens de paser à Manjaro et je cherche à optimiser Lutris pour récupérer mes jeux qui sont sous un disque dur partagé entre Linux et Windows.

J’ai vu quelques vidéos sur YT et je vois des configurations de mecs qui ne correspondent pas du tout à ce que j’ai, notamment des gars qui ont des trucs qui renvoient vers un wineprefix “lutris-ge-2.1” ou des launchers tels que WineHQ Staging et je ne sais ni à quoi ça correspond ni comment l’installer.

Est-ce que vous avez par hasard un tuto que je peux faire pour optimiser tout ça ?
Pour info, je ne sais même pas comment faire avoir un “wine prefix” donc il vaudrait mieux que ça prenne la base, je suis un peu noyé dans mes recherches et je trouve que tout est un peu nébuleux ou déjà pour utilisateur avancé.

Merci !

Easiest way is to set the global install location in the settings.
For example i have mounted my shared partition (between other distros) on /media/LutrisGames as you can see in this screenshot:

  • {systemctl status /media/LutrisGames; systemctl cat /media/LutrisGames} | xclip
● media-LutrisGames.mount - Lutris Gamelib
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/media-LutrisGames.mount; enabled; preset: disabled)
     Active: active (mounted) since Mon 2022-11-28 16:02:41 +03; 53min ago
      Until: Mon 2022-11-28 16:02:41 +03; 53min ago
      Where: /media/LutrisGames
       What: /dev/sdb
       Docs: man:systemd.mount(5)
         IP: 0B in, 0B out
         IO: 12.3M read, 0B written
      Tasks: 0 (limit: 38298)
     Memory: 12.7M
        CPU: 45ms
     CGroup: /system.slice/media-LutrisGames.mount

Nov 28 16:02:35 manjaro systemd[1]: Mounting Lutris Gamelib...
Nov 28 16:02:41 manjaro systemd[1]: Mounted Lutris Gamelib.
# /etc/systemd/system/media-LutrisGames.mount
# /etc/systemd/system/media-LutrisGames.mount
Description=Lutris Gamelib
After=dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-Backups.device dev-sdb.device
BindsTo=dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-Backups.device dev-sdb.device



Hello all !

Thanks for your help, but I still have a problem with Lutris and Steam configuration.

I want to sync my Windows library with the Lutris Library. For exemple, I have ELDEN RING installed on my Windows partition and I want to sync the folder.
But when I add the game on Lutris, using Steam as a launcher and pointing to the game’s binary folder it wants to reinstall the game. Do you know how to do to tell steam NOT to reinstall the game but to launch the game?

I tried to configure the “download” folder but steam does not want my windows Folder, telling me that “my folder should be empty”.

Thanks !

Hello @anagrama :wink:

No idea what you have seen, but in case of steam notice this:

  1. Because of different ACL in Linux/Windows it is bad idea to share steam library, at least when using NTFS/FAT32. That’s because of wine prefixes of proton. You will see weird problems.
  2. In case there is a native Linux und Windows version, it switch (re-download) the version of the OS.
  3. It will update the steam library every time you switch between OS.

Anyway… if you aware of that and want to deal with that, then use dedicated library folder for steam.

If you want Lutris just to use the game (not steam or any other game client), then you need to create a prefix and point to that exe. Forget about the install script in that case. Everything needs to be done by hand. A wine prefix for every game is preferred.

Just note for understandung that a wine prefix is a “micro windows installation”.

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ok thanks !