Operation on a 5 inch touchscreen


I want to use Manjaro on a Radxa Zero with a 5 inch touchscreen. The touch support is great but there are some things who are not accessible on this screensize. I scaled it to 1.5 and the text looks very good on this size. I use the Version [Dev 20220214] from this page: Releases · manjaro-arm/radxa-zero-images · GitHub

The topbar is very good on this size. But the installation program doesn’t look good.

The workspace selection and the searchbar looks great in this screen. But the dockbar is to small.

The searchbar and the workspace selection looks great in this screen too. But the Appicons and the dockbar is too small.

The calendar and notifications are to big in this screen that not everything is accessible.

Some dialogs are accessable but doesn’t looks so good.

My dilemma is when I let the scaling on 1 everything is to small to touch and read it on this size and when I switch the scaling to 1.5 not everything is accessible.
Is this a general issue or is this fixable with some configuration?

As far as I know, this is a general issue with small screens. Especially if you also using scaling higher than 1. Most of the non-mobile applications are not made for small sized screens and essentially assume that the screen is at least 720p. We have a similar issue on the ClockworkPi DevTerm, which has a screen only 480 in height, making Calamares and some applications not show the entire window.

Does this mean the developers are working on this issue? I know that its difficult for 3rd party programs to be responsive. But the system programs would be cool.

Not sure, what you mean by this. We are not the Calamares Devs. So what devs are you referring to here?

What do you mean by system programs?
A linux distribution is a distribution of a large set of 3rd party applications, really. Anything besides the kernel it self can be considered 3rd party.
I would define “system programs” as only what the system needs to actually boot and function. So that disregards any GUI stuff at all, since that’s not needed for a system to be functional. A GUI might add functionality, but it is far from required for a system to work.

Sorry im new in the Linux world.
I mean if the developers of the Applicationoverview are working in this to make it responsible. I think there have to be some developers to implement the design of how to switch workspaces or show the applicationlist. I don’t know who made this.
Or do you know who I have to ask for this?

With systemprograms I mean programs who are simmilar to use the OS as a normal computer. Such as Settings.

Do you know some cool responsive Applications when you have the simmilar problem?

Ah, that would be the Gnome developers. They can be found at gitlab.gnome.org.

So the 3rd party applications. That will be up to the 3rd party application developer to make sure it works on screens in the 480p range. In the case of the Settings application in your screenshot, that’s also the Gnome developers.

But be aware, that some applications are simply not meant for small screen sizes and as such, likely won’t work well in that use case.

Ah thank you, that sounds good Ill write the guys from gnome.

I have one more issue I think you can help me with. Where can I change the theme and the icons?
I like the classical gnome icons and theme more. And do you know how to show the dockbar also in the workspace. I tried the normal Manjaro Gnome on a VM and the dockbar is also visible in the workspace. But in the version for the Radxa Zero the dockbar is only in the Appselection visible

I’m not a Gnome guy, so I’m not certain, but I believe most of the things can be changed, by installing Gnome Tweak Tool and changing it there.

Cool I found it. Im writing the gnome guys for the Appicons. Thank you. You helped me alot.