Opera can't play video since latest update

Hello there !

I had some troubles performing the latest update to Manjaro Wyndsey 24.0.1 and I had to delete electron22 and electron25 in order to update my system.
Now everything’s fine except for my browser, Opera (v. 110.0.5130.66, working with Chromium) who can’t read videos online anymore.
Of course the first thing I did was to reinstall opera-ffmpeg-codecs but with pamac but the system says that it’s already installed and up to date.
Do you have any idea what to do ?

Thanks !

Hello, does it play in another browser, for example in Brave? If so, then it’s more likely that Opera is dead)

yeah it works fine with firefox

Did you read the comments on the AUR page: AUR (en) - opera?

There is a fix provided in the above comment, but here’s a direct link to it:

Of course, it is a run-at-your-own-risk script. An alternative might be to just wait until a proper fix arrives at Opera.

oh thanks I was looking for something like that !
I’d like to try it (at my own risk) but I guess that it will be deleted on the next update of the browser ?

Thanks for your answer tho !

I deleted the AUR version and installed the SNAP version of Opera as written here and it works fine now !

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